Review: Void Ritual – Death is Peace


Label: Ipos Music

Are Void Ritual one of the most under-rated bands in US black metal? Based on previous releases, it would have been a reasonable question to ask, with albums from the solo project of Daniel Jackson, such as Heretical Wisdom, providing evidence that there is plenty of life left in second wave worship, even if said records do little to advance the style. Yet with Death is Peace, the answer becomes more concrete, with the latest album being not so much an evolution of previous Void Ritual releases, but a reinforcement of all that was good about them. Frost-bitten melodies sit atop atmospheric riffs, all laced with hooks and a sense of character that brings to mind forgotten forests and secluded, snow-topped mountains. It’s all done with a sense of conviction that is so often lacking in other adherents of the second wave, and on Death is Peace, it comes together in a excellent style, making this record the equal of practically second wave inspired act you care to name.

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