Album of the Day Recap – 01/10/18 – 05/10/18

It seems that the world gets worse and worse each week, with recent events in America being particularly disheartening. I wish I had some words of encouragement, but that’s not where my head is right now. Instead, here are Albums of the Day for the past week – largely chosen with the intent of keeping myself grounded. Enjoy!


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2016 Favourites – Part II

Following on from Part I, which can be read here, here is the second installment of my favourite releases from this year; still in alphabetical order, and still full of awesome, wonderfully diverse music. The top five will follow soon, along with a few other reflections on the past year. But in the meantime, enjoy!

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Shield Patterns – Mirror Breathing


Label: Gizeh Records

It’s safe to say that there’s plenty of music I cover here that is, in some way, heavy. Whether it’s of a musical or emotional nature, heaviness (and, arguably, underground obscurity) is the key theme running through most of my reviews. Manchester duo Shield Patterns aren’t heavy in a musical sense. Instead, Mirror Breathing fits in with what I cover because of its undeniable emotional heaviness. The music may be graceful and almost ethereal, possessed of a lightness that sonically puts it at odds with most other records I review; but the impact it has is the equal of practically anything else you might care to name.

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