Album of the Day: Rotting Christ – Rituals


Label: Season of Mist

One of the most bizarre metal-related news stories of recent weeks is that Rotting Christ have been arrested in Georgia, on terrorism charges relating to the band’s name. They have since been released, but it’s a bizarre, and worrying, turn of events. Rather than dwell on the negatives though, let’s take a moment to appreciate just how superb a band they are, and that they’re still releasing albums of the quality of Rituals even 30 years after they formed.

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2016 Favourites – Part II

Following on from Part I, which can be read here, here is the second installment of my favourite releases from this year; still in alphabetical order, and still full of awesome, wonderfully diverse music. The top five will follow soon, along with a few other reflections on the past year. But in the meantime, enjoy!

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February Blasts

Given that the first installment went well, I’ll be trying to regularly release a series of shorter reviews. For February’s lot, I take a look at Ghost Horizon‘s Astral Possession; a split of unholy death/thrash/black between Turbocharged and Ragehammer in the form of their Enlightenment by Bloodletting 7″; Atrament unleash Eternal Downfall; Hellenic black metal from Meneapneontes on their Promachos album; Sorrow Plagues‘ self-titled post-black metal album;  and the latest release by Hellenic black metal legends Rotting Christ, Rituals.

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