Album of the Day Recap: 30/7/18 – 3/8/18


Album of the Day for the past week took on a distinctly death metal flavour as the week went on, but there’s still plenty of variety to be found, with as much emotional heaviness and there is musical. Enjoy!

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Acualli – Pact Of Possession


I wrote this review a short time ago, but forgot to link it on here. A shame, as it’s one of my favourite reviews I’ve written so far, for a really dark and nasty record.

“Filth. That one word could sum up the music on Pact of Possession by Acualli pretty perfectly, such is the aura of absolute evil and depravity it conjures. This is not music that praises evil in some pantomime sense, as is the case with so many other bands within the metal and noise scenes. The six tracks on this EP come across as the real deal, full of danger and bad intentions. You sense that it didn’t come about as a result of the members getting together over a few drinks and forming a band out of their mutual musical interests. Instead, it sounds as if this music was brought about because, as brutal and nasty as it is, to not have recorded it would somehow have been worse for all involved. This is music created out of necessity.”

Go read the whole thing at Summoning Spirits.