2016 Favourites – Part II

Following on from Part I, which can be read here, here is the second installment of my favourite releases from this year; still in alphabetical order, and still full of awesome, wonderfully diverse music. The top five will follow soon, along with a few other reflections on the past year. But in the meantime, enjoy!

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Our Place Of Worship Is Silence -The Embodiment Of Hate


Label: Broken Limbs Recordings

This is the kind of metal album that should come with some kind of warning label. Unflinchingly punishing and crushingly heavy, The Embodiment Of Hate sees Californian band Our Place Of Worship Is Silence unleash 27 minutes of deathmetal that truly does justice to the album title. Taking music in to territories so unrelenting and devastating that they make most other death metal bands sound depressingly safe and tame, The Embodiment Of Hate is practically mandatory listening for all those who care about death metal as an art form; or simply for those who care about keeping up with the best in the genre.

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