Album of the Day Recap – 01/10/18 – 05/10/18

It seems that the world gets worse and worse each week, with recent events in America being particularly disheartening. I wish I had some words of encouragement, but that’s not where my head is right now. Instead, here are Albums of the Day for the past week – largely chosen with the intent of keeping myself grounded. Enjoy!


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September 2018 Blasts

This edition of short reviews take in some very interesting stuff, including one of my favourite releases of the year (which is it? Read on to find out!). It also features a split that, though I find it flawed musically, I can’t help but want to emphasise how much I love it for what it tries to do, and how important it will be to some people. There’s a real mix of the underground and bigger names, with three of the six releases being put out without label support.

So, this month, we have melodic punk; crusty powerviolence; not-actually-war-metal; noise rock; thrash/heavy metal; goth-laced metal that all-but resurrects the spirit of Sister; and blissful blackgaze. Enjoy!

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Review: naisian – Rejoinder

naisian Rejoinder album art

Label: Self-released

Sometimes, the most productive thing in life can be to step back. It can be a difficult lesson to learn, but the way forward can, at times, involve not working harder, but removing yourself from a situation, re-assessing what is going right and wrong, and catching your breath. I don’t know whether such thoughts are behind the five-year hiatus that Naisian took, but whatever the reasons, it has paid dividends, as Rejoinder is the sound of a band in love with their brand of nasty, down-tuned sludge and noise-rock. In the space of twelve short minutes, it demonstrates a band who are at the top of their game, moving with the power and agility of a champion boxer, and hitting every bit as hard.

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Review: Qoheleth – Black Kite Broadcasts

QOHELETH - Black Kite Broadcasts - cover

Label: Bad Cake Records

Black Kite Broadcasts might be one of the most interesting ideas for an album I’ve come across in some time. The second album from noise rock band Qoheleth isn’t actually by the band – instead, it’s a captured recording from a radio station in the future, when humanity has been all-but wiped out. Or is it? These songs are all by different bands, interspersed with DJ chatter that tells just enough of the story for a narrative to be formed without giving everything away. Or are Qoheleth instead doing something adventurous not just with their music, but with the way their music is presented – toying with the album format and means of presentation? Both interpretations are valid, but the fact remains that Black Kite Broadcasts is a great album, and a marked improvement on previous release God is the Warmest Place to Hide.

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Review: Death Engine – Place Noire


Label: Throatruiner Records

Whilst most hardcore records are pretty immediate, with their energy and speed being their chief points of note, the same isn’t quite true of Place Noire by France’s Death Engine. Their brand of hardcore is infused with a sense of tension and weight that is heavily influenced by noise rock, with the songs moving largely at a mid-tempo as if weighed down by the depths of despair and pain they carry. This is not hardcore for a good time; Place Noire is a half hour of soul-searching, of deep pain, and of the promise of redemption dangling so tantalisingly close, but forever out of reach.

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Review: Escape is Not Freedom & dusK Village – Split


Label: Self-released

There’s something primitive about the split between Escape Is Not Freedom and dusK Village. Both bands create music that taps in to the deep, animal part of your brain, evoking primal emotional responses – fear, anger, love. The noise rock bands add considerable sludge elements to their songs, with the riffs and hooks latching on to the listener and practically demanding a response. It’s not all about base instincts and rage though, with this split demonstrating how effective noise rock aspects can be when wedded to something a bit less, well, noisy.

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