Album of the Day Recap: 24/09/18 – 28/09/18

At the start of the week, I had the idea that I would try and focus on more beautiful, hopeful music this week. Yet, as you’ll see, by Tuesday that idea was long gone – and by Thursday, and the way the American government seemed to be treating survivors of sexual assault, nothing felt appropriate save absolute rage. Fuck the patriarchy. Burn it all down.

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Castrator – No Victim


Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

You don’t have to look far to find sexism in metal. Songs about rape, torture, and violence against women are prevalent, and you don’t have to spent long looking through the stock of underground distros to find plenty of album covers depicting women in various states of deprivation and undress, be they alive or dead. It often seems that, the more extreme the music, the more bone-headed the attitudes encountered are. Even if it’s not intentional, it all contributes to a situation where such sexism is institutionalized, making it seem normal. Castrator flip this situation on its head entirely with No Victim. Whilst the music may fit firmly in to the paradigm of traditional death metal, lyrically and thematically, No Victim is a feminist call to arms. And this is, undoubtedly, a Very Good Thing.

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