Review: Hyperdontia – Nexus of Teeth


Label: Dark Descent Records

It might seem absurd to say, given that their brand of death metal is steeped in ruin and decay, but Hyperdontia are the result of a happy accident. Chance meetings between members of the Turkish and Danish scenes – including Undergang vocalist D.M. and M.G. of Decaying Purity – eventually led to the international band taking shape. Following EP Abhorence Veil,  the band now return with Nexus of Teeth, an album of such power and conviction that it can stand up to the best of the modern old-school death metal revival. It may not be especially original, but there’s no sense arguing agianst that when the results of this devastating. Dirty as the grave, cloaked in decay and stinking of the grave, this album is nasty in the best possible way.

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