Album of the Day recap – 08/10/18 -12/10/18

A delightfully mixed selection for this week’s Album of the Day recap, taking in indigenous black metal; blackgaze; old-school crust punk; powerviolence-infused anti-fascist hardcore; and mind-expanding psychedelic black metal. It’s possibly the most varied selection yet, which, considering the way that Album of the Day gleeful hops between genres, is quite something. Enjoy!

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Album of the Day: Deer in the Headlights – Mental Health


Label: Good Samaritan Records / Friendly Otter Records / Dingleberry Records / Krimskramz Records / Hard Core For The Losers Records / Tadzio Records / One Wild Collective Records / Pure Heart Records / Mosh Potatoes Records

Mental Health, the second full-length from Deer in the Headlights, is a record that perfectly captures what screamo/skramz should be about. Throat-shredding, desperate vocals; guitar lines and riffs as melodic and energetic as they are powerful; and frantic drums that rarely sit still. There’s a good dose of emo-violence in their sound, and also that sense of the music being simultaneously larger-than-life and deeply personal, much like Welcome The Plague Year captured on their demo.

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