Album of the Day: Undergang – Misantropologi


Label: Dark Descent Records (CD)Me Saco un Ojo Records (vinyl)

Do you like old-school death metal? Because Undergang love old-school death metal. Misantropologi is an exemplar of dirty, dirt-dwelling death metal, the kind where the guitars sound like they’re coated in layers of filth and tar; the drums sound like the oncoming tread of titans; and the vocals are so low and stomach-churningly disgusting as to be barely human. There’s nothing sophisticated here, just death metal torn from some ancient, demonic womb during the grip of winter, that’s so very crude, and so very impressive.

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Sheidim – Shrines Of The Void


Label: Dark Descent Records (CD) / Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl)

There’s some comparisons you have to be careful when making, lest you give the wrong impression. So when I say that listening to Shrines Of The Void, the debut album by Spanish black metal act Sheidim, left me thinking of Watain, it’s a statement I should explain. After all, the last few Watain releases have left a lot of people – myself included – absolutely fucking bored. Instead, Shrines Of The Void brings to mind Watain when they were first making their unholy presence known, when Rabid Death’s Curse and Casus Luciferi lit a fire in the underground. Sheidim put across a similar feeling of conviction and demonic possession, channeling Satanic energies as much as they do Dissection-inspired orthodox black metal.

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