Album of the Day recap – 08/10/18 -12/10/18

A delightfully mixed selection for this week’s Album of the Day recap, taking in indigenous black metal; blackgaze; old-school crust punk; powerviolence-infused anti-fascist hardcore; and mind-expanding psychedelic black metal. It’s possibly the most varied selection yet, which, considering the way that Album of the Day gleeful hops between genres, is quite something. Enjoy!

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Review: Møl – Jord


Label: Holy Roar Records

Despite being a relatively young sub-genre, blackgaze has already fallen in to a pit where most bands playing the style feel tired and uninspired. Sure, there are some bands who stick close to the core of the genre whilst still sounding passionate and vital – such as Underdark – but they’re rare. Rarer still are bands such as Møl, who feel not so much as if they’re showing how strong the genre can be, but with Jord are instead reinventing it, making it feel alive and thrilling in a way that it hasn’t for years and years.

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