Album of the Day: Doomriders – Grand Blood


Label: Deathwish Inc

It seems like an age ago that Doomriders released Grand Blood – and it is. It’s been over four years since we last had a new album from the riff-heavy hardcore band, and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that the wait won’t go on much longer. Though in the meantime, Grand Blood (along with previous albums Black Thunder and Darkness Come Alive) have more than enough quality to keep me satisfied.

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Review: Bronson A.D – Warpath

BE111 Bronson AD_Warpath Cover 3000

Label: Bastardized Recordings

You get home after a long day at work. Your job means nothing to you beyond a way to pay the bills. Your boss has been on your back all day, and the outside world isn’t providing much comfort either. So, what do you do? You could sink in to self-pity, and let the cycle repeat day after day. Or, you could stick on Warpath, the new record from crossover/hardcore bruisers Bronson A.B, and have it help you find the motivation to make a positive change in your life. This is the kind of record that’s perfect for lifting you out of a negative mood, using its pissed-off energy to create something that’s invigorating and inspiring.

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2017 Favourites – Part I

It doesn’t feel like that long ago since I was writing my list for 2016… and yet, at the same time, it feels like a lifetime has passed. 2017 has been a very busy year, and very trying in parts. As a result, I’ve had less time and energy for The Sound Not That Word than at any time before, which has resulted in less reviews being posted. It’s something I’m still not entirely sure how to balance, and may well see my writing take on different forms in the coming year. We shall see.

Anyway. Enough of that for now. Everywhere else is doing lists, and so am I. Writing this is a good opportunity to go over releases from the year, to remember how good some were, and to give coverage to some I never got to write about. As always, these are my favourites – better records may have been released this year, but these are the ones I enjoyed most. The first twenty will be in alphabetical order, over two posts; with the top five given their own ranking. Enjoy!

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Spill Your Guts – Hungry Crows


Label: Self-released

Shanghai’s Spill Your Guts are the kind of band that pretty much everyone needs in their lives. Though nominally a hardcore band, their style of music takes in much more than that descriptor suggests, with previous releases Full Blast and Slip and Fall including plenty of elements taken from black metal, crossover, and full-on thrash metal. Theirs is an energetic, invigorating sound that is all but guaranteed to brighten your day and add a burst of energy. Full length Hungry Crows builds on what has gone before, pushing the energy levels even higher, and is the best thing the band have done so far.

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World Negation – Born Broken


Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Hardcore four-piece World Negation hail from Germany – not that you’d initially guess that from their music. The four tracks on new 7″ Born Broken are steeped in New York hardcore, filled with down-tuned guitars, heavy as fuck riffs, and an air of violence and self-confidence. Even though it draws clear influence from the classics of the genre – with Madball in particular being an obvious comparison – there’s a swagger and assured nature to Born Broken that helps it stand apart.

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Shepherd / Death By Fungi – Split

Art - Full Booklet

Label: Inspirus Records

Though there are still those who will dismiss the genre as being conservative and regressive (musically, at least), hardcore is a broad church, with a great variety of sounds and styles to be found. Indian bands Shepherd and Death By Fungi are excellent examples of this, not just because their sounds avoid typical hardcore cliches and take in a wide range of influences, but also because both bands are, quite simply, really good. This split showcases the two delightfully heavy bands, and is a highly recommended half hour of bruising yet intelligent hardcore.

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