Review: Gnaw Their Tongues & Crowhurst – Burning Ad Infinitum


Label: Crown and Thorne Ltd (vinyl) / Tartarus Records (cassette)

At some point in the distant future, the world will end. The end of humanity is coming ever-sooner, to the extent that human extinction within the next hundred years is ever-more likely. And then there’s the period after that ending, up until the expansion of the sun, consuming the Earth so that there is no trace of our species left. Between those two points, the broken machinery and ruins of cities will be our legacies – automated processes screaming in to the void, computers and robots toiling away uselessly until their circuits finally give way to an ending. It’s this bleak future that Burning ad Infinitum makes me think of, with the collaboration between Gnaw Their Tongues and Crowhurst combining noise, drone, and bursts of grinding metal in the most inhospitable and damaged of ways.

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Review: Gnaw Their Tongues – Genocidal Majesty


Label: Consouling Sounds

One of the most prolific names in extreme and experimental music, Gnaw Their Tongues (Maurice De Jong) is back with Genocidal Majesty, an album that delivers exactly what the title promises. Blending nihilistic black metal aesthetics with harsh noise, this is not an album to relax to. This is an album that sounds like death, filled with harsh and rumbling drones, tortured strings like shards of broken glass, and vocals drawn the deepest pits of human suffering – and that’s without considering the contributions from Chip King of The Body. Genocidal Majesty is an album where nightmares stalk the earth in the ruins of human civilization, constructing temples made of bone, where the choirs inside sing songs of damnation and suffering. Exactly what you’d hope for from Gnaw Their Tongues, then.

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