Album of the Day Recap: 10/09/18 – 15/09/18

Five days, five… well, actually four records and one song (but what a song!), this week took in grinding powerviolence; atmospheric folk/black metal; forward-thinking, technical black/death metal; and the return of heavy metal legends. Enjoy!

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Review: Grift – Vilsna Andars Boning


Label: Nordvis

Despite being a fairly short release, Vilsna Andars Boning is the kind of record that it’s possible to lose hours at a time to. This two-track EP from Grift is filled with a haunting melancholy, that is rendered all the more effective for its stripped-down delivery, its folk guitars and sparse drums speaking of long winters and evoking memories of the past. It is music that is at once deeply personal and universal, summoning old spirits and filling the night with its warmth.

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Review: Koniec Pola – Cy

KONIEC POLA - CY artwork

Label: Devoted Art Propaganda

Cy isn’t your typical release. The new album from Polish band Koniec Pola opens with the sound of bells, swirling winds, warped percussion, and, after several minutes, a burst of heavily twisted voices. It gets no easier from there. Stradling the lines between post-rock, post-black metal, traditional folk, and all wrapped up in a defiantly avant-garde mindset and psychedelic atmosphere, Cy is the kind of album that you might get if Negura Bunget and Einsturzende Neubauten decided to do a record together. Based around the concept of a place that is simultaneously real and imaginary, and making use of unique instruments crafted by the band themselves in addition to the traditional bass/guitar/drums set-up, Cy is a unique album, full of adventurous, experimental spirit.

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Review: Tomorrow We Sail – The Shadows


Label: Gizeh Records

Modern times are feeling increasingly fractured, with public life becoming split in to ever-more divisive categories. Whether it’s in politics or the media, recent years have been defined in large part by division – just look at the politics of Trump, or Brexit, and the rise in authoritarianism in countries like Hungary. It’s as if the world is, after a period of closer unity, moving apart in hostile ways. It’s difficult not to place The Shadows, the second album from Tomorrow We Sail, in this context. Their music blends post-rock with indie and folk sounds, creating something that feels as if it is longing for people to come together, to recognise all the things that unite us, and stop the slow descent in to war and disharmony that we all seem to be moving toward.

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Album of the Day: Twilight Fauna – Fire of the Spirit


Label: Ravenwood Recordings / Fragile Branch Recordings

I’ve recently found myself wanting the audio equivalent of returning home after a long week travelling for work; of a sense of familiarity and belonging, after an extended period of isolation and disconnect. Fire of the Spirit has been meeting that need perfectly, with Twilight Fauna‘s brand of black metal and traditional folk producing a warm, all-encompassing atmosphere that is remarkably refreshing for the soul.

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