Review: DungeönHammer – Infernal Moon


Label: Me Saco Un Ojo

Sometimes when listening to a record, you can practically imagine what the song-writing process must have been like. Does this riff work with that one? What if we slowed it down a bit? And do we really want to include a drum solo? With DungeönHammer, it seems pretty sure that the duo asked themselves one question when writing Infernal Moon: does it sound like Hellhammer? There is practically nothing on this record that hasn’t been done before, by those early warriors of death; and yet, that’s not a slight on Infernal Moon. It’s clear that DungeönHammer are trying to create something that taps in to the spirit of old, as if we were still in the 80’s trading tapes with people in far-flung lands. And that’s exactly what it succeeds at; it might be unoriginal, crude, and primitive, but it’s also a lot of fun.

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