Album of the Day: Coffin Rot – Demo


Label: Rotted Life

Malignant Records have, for a few years now, been one of the leading names in dark ambient, drone, and death industrial; so, it’s exciting to see them branching out in to death metal with new label Rotted Life. Their first offering on the label is the self-titled demo from Coffin Rot, a dirty, filth-encrusted four song onslaught of pure old-school filth. If you’re in to death metal that sounds like a horde of zombies eating the world alive, heavy with the stench of decay and rot, then you’ll want to be all over this like… well, like zombies over guts.

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Album of the Day: Deus Vermin – MMXVII (Demo)

Deus Vermin - MMXVII (demo) - cover

Label: Self-released

Clocking in at a short six minutes, the debut demo by Leeds-based band Deus Vermin is a whirlwind of blackened death metal, full of destructive urges given license to run free and wreak havoc. The two tracks on MMXVII are incredibly well-realised for a demo, with a compositional strength that many bands writing full-lengths would kill for; and they’re all wrapped up in an atmosphere that is both murky and strong, allowing every bone-crushing drum hit and skin-shredding guitar line to come through clearly, whilst keeping enough obscured to still feel dark and ominous. It’s a very impressive start for this band, and well worth your time.

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Album of the Day: Undergang – Misantropologi


Label: Dark Descent Records (CD)Me Saco un Ojo Records (vinyl)

Do you like old-school death metal? Because Undergang love old-school death metal. Misantropologi is an exemplar of dirty, dirt-dwelling death metal, the kind where the guitars sound like they’re coated in layers of filth and tar; the drums sound like the oncoming tread of titans; and the vocals are so low and stomach-churningly disgusting as to be barely human. There’s nothing sophisticated here, just death metal torn from some ancient, demonic womb during the grip of winter, that’s so very crude, and so very impressive.

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Review: Voidthrone – Kur

Kur-Cover (1)

Label: Self-released

Don’ t let the cover fool you; Kur, the second album from Seattle-based five-piece Voidthrone, is dark. Though its fairly short, being only 24 minutes long, the unconventional black/death metal onslaught contained within the EP is more than enough to conjure visions of worlds falling to oblivion, swept away under a cataclysmic tide of blackness. Though the band may recall a host of influences – including, but not limited to, Deathspell Omega, Batushka, Gorguts, and Morbid Angel – at no point do they ever sound like anyone other than themselves, making Kur an incredibly potent and impressive EP, that doesn’t so much cross over genres as it does defy them completely.

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Album of the Day: Our Place of Worship is Silence – The Embodiment of Hate


Label: Broken Limbs Recordings

With new album With Inexorable Suffering being released this Friday, now is as good a time as any to remind ourselves of just how great the debut album from Our Place of Worship is Silence still is. The Embodiment of Hate is a 27 minute ride through hellscapes similar to those conjured by Incantation or Rites of Thy Regrinogalde, but with a much more vicious, visceral feel. This is not music that wants you to be happy; this is a record that will test you, and most likely, find you lacking.

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Review: Lecherous Nocturne – Occultaclysmic


Label: Willowtip Records

Lecherous Nocturne have been around for just over twenty years now, and in that time, they have been trying to expand upon the possibilities of what brutal and technical death metal can do and be. They haven’t always been successful in those attempts, but it’s hard not to admire such ambition. Now on album number four, with Occultaclysmic they have recorded the album they have previously hinted at being capable of. Rather than completely reinventing their old Suffocation-inspired sound, they have instead modified it, adding the kind of nightmare atmospherics of Incantation and Portal. It’s a very effective combination of sounds, and makes Occultaclysmic their best album to date.

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Album of the Day: Gravehill – The Unchaste, the Wicked, and the Profane


Label: Dark Descent Records

You can probably have a good guess at what The Unchaste, the Wicked, and the Profane by Gravehill sounds like just from the artwork. Black-thrash riffs and lightning-fast leads? Check. Pummeling drums that offer no respite? Check. Rough and raw vocals bellowed from ravaged throats? Check. It sounds just like an album with artwork featuring naked nuns, demons, and a conquering Baphomet should do. Ugly and violent, but also with undeniable appeal for those so inclined, The Unchaste… is a perfect example of how to combine death, black, and thrash metal into primal, demonic, and hugely enjoyable forms.

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