Review: Cult of Extinction – Black Nuclear Magick Attack


Label: Sentient Ruin Laboratories

On the whole, war metal is a difficult genre to get right. The core sound is so well defined, and its atmosphere so overwhelming, that any considerable deviations from its grinding, fire-blasted riffs, bulldozing drums, and vomited vocals risks breaking the spell, either by taking the music in to a different genre completely; or simply by becoming a confused mess. And yet there’s little room for innovation, with bands often relying on abstract aspects of music – conviction and atmosphere, chiefly – in order to impress. This is an important context to keep in mind when I say that¬†Cult of Extinction have made war metal sound as thrilling as it ever has with their demo,¬†Black Nuclear Magick Attack, a relentlessly vicious 13 minutes of nuclear devastation and demonic wrath.

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