Review: Churchburn – None Shall Live… The Hymns of Misery

Cover Artwork

Label: Armageddon Shop

None Shall Live… The Hymns of Misery is an album every bit as heavy as you’d hope, what with a title like that. The latest record from Churchburn is 45 minutes of aural punishment, filled with tar-drenched sludge riffs, an aura of extreme doom malevolence, and shot through with crust-inspired dirt. It’s the sound of veteran musicians who are masters of their craft, using all their experience to summon up the sounds of hurt and viciousness, with the end results being as impressive as they are crushing.

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Album of the Day: Pillärs – Abandoned

CD Cover

Label: Self-released / Tape Haus

The key with good crust (and all its related styles) is conviction. It’s not a genre that’s high on innovation, so coming across as if you actually care about what you’re playing and shouting about matters immensely. Crust/sludge trio Pillärs absolutely nail that point, with Abandoned coming across like the best parts of His Hero Is Gone and The Melvins, all laced through with a real sense of urgency and passion. This is music that won’t take the injustices of the world lying down.

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Review: Baron Soil – Demo Tape


Label: Negate Everything

It’s easy to feel angry and hopeless these days, what with the political shitstorms that are Trump, Brexit, and the rise of corporations controlling our lives like some quietly creeping dystopian sci-fi plot. On their demo tape, Baron Soil provide the perfect soundtrack for such anger and circumstances, channeling their rage in to four short tracks of melodic crust, that move with real purpose and urgency. It’s short, fast, and leaves me wanting more – just as a demo should.

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Sangus – Saevitia


Label: Eternal Death

Bandcamp stream: Link

Oh, this is nasty. Blackened crust is definitely at the stage now where it’s reaching peak mass, and whilst I was initially a huge advocate of the sub-genre (and still am), it’s impossible to deny that an increasing number of bands and releases are missing the edge that initially made the style so appealing. The best crust should take all the harsh edges and nastiness of punk and amplify them; likewise, black metal is an outsider genre, and benefits from retaining that “fuck you” attitude. Perhaps it’s a case of over-saturation or desensitisation, but I’m hearing those qualities in less bands that I’d expect to recently. But on this, the new 7″ by Sangus entitled Saevitia, those abrasive qualities are all present and accounted for, and it makes a wonderfully nasty listen, full of the promise of death and violence.

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