2018 Favourites: (just over) half-way edition

So, we’re a bit over halfway through 2018, and there’s been some excellent records released. Most notably, 2018 is shaping up to be an excellent year for death metal – bands such as Tomb MoldOur Place of Worship is Silence, MemoriamSlugdge, and practically everyone on the Dark Descent Records roster are killing it with top-tier death metal. Things aren’t quite so grand when it comes to black metal, but the new Immortal is pretty note-worthy, and there’s been a few other strong releases in the underground – including the final release by Cosmic Church.

Here, I’ll pick out ten of my favourite records released so far this year, in alphabetical order. Hopefully you’ll find something new here to enjoy, or be reminded of something you were in to earlier in the year. Enjoy!

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Album of the Day: War on Women – Capture the Flag


Label: Bridge9 Records

The self-titled album from War on Women was one of the best punk/hardcore albums of the best… well, in a really fucking long time. Funny and furious in equal measure, its contained feminist anthems of protest and self-empowerment. New album Capture the Flag had a lot to live up to, and more than delivered. As stated in my review at PureGrainAudio, the album is tighter, stronger, more focused – all the things you’d hope for from a follow-up. It is also a modern classic, and one of the most inspiring albums since… well, since the last War on Women album.

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