Five of the Best – Olivia Neutered John Influences

Grind is protest – well all know this. But sometimes, other than a vague sense of “society is bullshit” style slogans, it can be unclear exactly what a band is protesting against. That’s not the case with Olivia Neutered John. The London-based project focuses it rage on how society treats women, flipping the typical gendered dynamic of death and goregrind lyrics on their head. Ahead of the release of Complete Castration – a compilation that will bring together previous releases The Toxic OrgyTransphobia Annihilation Squad, and Kill All Men (Starting With The White Ones), and will include several new tracks – we asked mainman Dick Weeks about the five biggest influences on the project. Some might be what you’d expect from a death-grind band, but some are perhaps a bit surprising; yet, within the context of Olivia Neutered John’s sound and lyrical aims, they all make complete sense. Here they are, in the words of the mainman himself.

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Review: Aerosol Jesus – Failure


Label: Astral Noize

As well as being an awesome magazine and website (disclosure: I’ve contributed to them), Astral Noize is now branching out in to releasing music as a label. They’re picked out a great record to start with, with Failure by Aerosol Jesus being an absolute beast of an EP. Sitting somewhere beteween sludge-heavy doom and screamo, laced through with black metal and noise influences, Failure is music for bad times. This is music that bleeds raw hurt out of the speakers, that doesn’t so much move forward as it do stagger, forever teetering on the edge of collapse yet always feeling strong and vicious. It’s one hell of an assault, and is the kind of record that lets you know that, whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone – even if that thought isn’t always comforting.

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