Review: Arid – Scars of War


Label: Self-released

The previous release from AridOfferings, was a punishing EP of “anti-fascist, anti-state, anti-human” crust, fueled by a righteous anger and sense of protest. It was a great release, that hinted at something very special to come. Now, following a shift in line-up and direction, the band return with Scars of War. Whilst you might expect such changes to potential undermine the momentum the band had previously displayed, Scars of War displays a band that are still possessed by the same sense of anti-fascist anger, determined to kick back against the growing tide of fascism, with these four songs (and Doom cover) being the soundtrack to protest marches and direct action.

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Arid – Offerings


Label: Dystopian Cult Records

Crust four-piece Arid describe themselves on their Bandcamp page as “anti-fascist, anti-state, anti-human.” As such, Offerings could hardly have come at a better (or worse, depending how you look at it) time. This EP is a five-track slice of vicious crust, full of righteous, snarling anger with lyrics that are every bit as unapologetic as you’d hope. It’s music for taking action rather than sitting around complaining, and pulls from a lot of different styles to create something that is punishing, passionate, and will surely appeal to fans of the genre.

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