Review: Allfather – And All Will Be Desolation


Label: Rotting Throne Records

We all need a band like Allfather in our lives. The UK five-piece exemplify all that is good in metal, with their mission in life seemingly to be to remind us all of just how much fun heavy music can be. With a combination of sludge-tinged riffs, commanding, gruff vocals, and an all-around “fuck you” attitude, Allfather are here to make heads bang. They achieved just that with first album Bless the Earth With Fire, and now follow-up And All Will Be Desolation continues that mission, with tighter song-writing, a greater sense of confidence, and impassioned lyrics that do their “riffs against fascism” merch justice.

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Five of the Best: Allfather Influences


The music of Allfather is founded on what seems like a relatively simple premise: “Beards, Metal, Fuck You“. Theirs is metal that fully understands and appreciates the power of The Riff, moving with raw, irresistible power and purpose. Yet, as enjoyable as their music most definitely is, they are also an overtly political band – as Bless the Earth with Fire and new album And All Will be Desolation demonstrate. It’s unsurprising, then, that they are a band with a vast array of influences, with literature and film as much an influence as other bands. We asked the band about said influences, and here’s what each member came back with.

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