Album of the Day recap: 15/10/18 – 19/10/18

So, this weekend marks five years since I registered The Sound Not The Word on WordPress. How time has gone by! The site has grown far larger than ever expected, covering a huge variety of music – as perfectly demonstrated by the variety on offer each week when Album of the Day is recapped. This week takes in Ebullition emo; straight-edge hardcore; progressive doom; and noisy Japanese emo. Oh, and the WOMAN II compilation. Enjoy!

Yaphet Kotto – The Killer Was In The Government Blankets – 15/10/18

It’s a well-established fact that practically everything Ebullition Records has put out is excellent, and this is no exception. Intensely passionate, yet also very melodic and catchy emo from one of the genre’s great bands.


Blackened Death Records – WOMAN II (Compilation) – 16/10/18

44 tracks of anti-Nazi metal of various styles, continents, and approaches, Blackened Death Records have put out another stunning compilation devoted to fighting fascism. Including new tracks from Ghoul, RedBait, Allfather, Gaylord, Neckbeard Deathcamp, and so many others, this is huge.


Embrace Today – FYIE – 17/10/18

This is probably the first record that comes to mind when I think of straight-edge hardcore; angry, arrogant, but impossible to deny, FYIE is flawed, but the opening track absolutely slays, and makes the record worthwhile on its own.


King Goat – Debt of Aeons – 18/10/18

I saw quite a bit of talk about this album at release, but not much since. A shame, as this is masterful progressive doom; bleak yet cathartic, it strikes a fine balance between dark and light.



Blue Friend – I Will Be Your Blue Friend – 19/10/18

Mixing violent outbursts and more melodic, downbeat section, Japan’s Blue Friend released a stormer of a debut in I Will Be Your Blue Friend. There’s a lot of Ebullition emo influence here, but also a real sense of distinct character.


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