Album of the Day recap – 08/10/18 -12/10/18

A delightfully mixed selection for this week’s Album of the Day recap, taking in indigenous black metal; blackgaze; old-school crust punk; powerviolence-infused anti-fascist hardcore; and mind-expanding psychedelic black metal. It’s possibly the most varied selection yet, which, considering the way that Album of the Day gleeful hops between genres, is quite something. Enjoy!

Volahn – Aq’Ab’Al – 08/10/18

Chosen to help support Indigenous People’s Day; and also because it’s a bloody good album. The Black Twilight Circle have some great albums amongst their ranks, and this is up there with the best of them.


Mol – Jord – 09/10/18

Blissful, beautiful post-black metal/blackgaze, this is one of the best things Holy Roar has put out this year; which is saying quite something.


Harum Scarum – Mental Health – 10/10/18

Picked on world mental health day, Mental Health is an album of snarling, defiant crust punk that’s not afraid to show a human side. Sadly not on Bandcamp, but at least there’s a Youtube upload of this brilliant album.


Nazi Killer – Nazi Killer (self-titled) – 11/10/18

The name should say it all; powerviolence-infused hardcore from England, this is over in a flash. The name alone surely ensures we’ll hear a lot about this band.


A Forest of Stars – Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes – 12/10/18

And finally, Friday’s pick is the psychedelic black metal of Grave Mounds and Grave Mistakes; an album that helps to underline just how creatively tame most metal is these days, and that A Forest of Stars are one of the best English bands around right now.


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