Album of the Day Recap: 24/09/18 – 28/09/18

At the start of the week, I had the idea that I would try and focus on more beautiful, hopeful music this week. Yet, as you’ll see, by Tuesday that idea was long gone – and by Thursday, and the way the American government seemed to be treating survivors of sexual assault, nothing felt appropriate save absolute rage. Fuck the patriarchy. Burn it all down.

SubRosa – Subdued: Live at Roadburn 2017 – 24/09/18

I don’t know if I prefer these versions to the originals, but they certainly add a unique charm to SubRosa’s already magical brand of doom metal.


Cultfinder – Black Thrashing Terror – 25/09/18

This band should have been much bigger. This EP lives up to its name, with three short, sharp blasts of – fittingly – black-thrash terror.


Ulcerate – The Destroyers of All – 26/09/18

Though hardly unknown, I still feel Ulcerate don’t get enough credit in the modern death metal scene. Theirs is death metal of atmosphere, exploration, and art.


Castrator – No Victim (EP) – 27/09/18

Believe survivors. Fuck the patriarchy. Use your rage and destroy these bullshit systems of oppression and hate.


Ragana / Thou – Let Our Names Be Forgotten (split) – 28/09/18

“I know the void is easy / I know what it wants from me.” Fucking hell. Utter devastation.




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