Album of the Day recap 3/9/18 -7/9/18



Another week, another nice variety of records, including black metal, grind, crust, and old-school death/thrash madness. Enjoy!

Void Ritual – A New Ritual – 03/09/18

Releasing three albums in one month is an insane proposition, but Void Ritual have done just that, and they’re all brilliant. The latest from the one-man band shows a more melodic, Greek black metal influence, which is different and exciting.


Tragedy – Fury – 04/09/18

New Tragedy! The real deal, not the Bee Gees cover band. Fittingly, Fury is far more furious than recent Tragedy albums, with no holds bared on this rager of a record.


RedBait – Red Tape – 05/09/18

RedBait don’t pull any punches, either. Anti-fascist, proletariat crust that will take none of your shit.


Ghoul – Dungeon Bastards – 06/09/18

Ghoul, meanwhile, are a less serious proposition, with these cannibal beasts being all about old-school death/crossover/grind thrills and spills. It ain’t pretty, but it sure is fun.


Pig Destroyer – Head Cage – 07/09/18

And, lastly, Pig Destroyer’s latest album, Head Cage. Anyone longing for a return to the days of Terrifyer must recognise that the band have moved on – but there’s a lot to be said for later-day Pig Destroyer’s direction, even if the drum production isn’t the best.


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