Album of the Day recap 27/8/18 – 31/8/18


The selections for Album of the Day for the past week have been some of my favourites thus far. I want to give particular attention to the self-titled album by No Anti, which is one of the most extreme things I’ve ever heard. Elsewhere, we’ve pummelling hardcore, atmospheric black metal, and all-consuming blackened death. Enjoy!

Arms Race – The Beast EP – 27/8/18

No-nonsense hardcore from the excellent Arms Race; surely a band who deserve more recognition than they’re getting?


Racetraitor – Invisible Battles Against Invisible Fortresses – 28/8/18

Racetraitor have no time for bullshit in any form, whether that’s in terms of music, or the fight against bigotry. Essential listening.


No Anti – No Anti (self-titled) – 29/8/18

This one hurts. With elements of harsh noise, black metal, and powerviolence, this is not comfortable listening, and nor is it meant to be.


Bitter Lake – Bitter Lake (self-titled) – 30/8/18

Atmospheric black metal, filled with the spirit of old. The special edition also includes instrumentals and remixes though, showing that you can pay homage to the old times without being constrained by them.


Grave Miasma – Endless Pilgrimage – 31/8/18

One of the best bands in the UK extreme metal underground, Grave Miasma’s Endless Pilgrimage will take you on a journey that will leave a mark.


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