Album of the Day Recap: 13/8/18 – 17/8/18


A pretty mixed week for Album of the Day this time around; still pretty heavy on the hardcore, but with some very different takes on the genre, as well as some Alien-themed death metal. Enjoy!

Alien Queen – Xenomorph – 13/8/18

This is perhaps the heaviest record released by Pope Richard to date – which is saying quite something. Alien-themed death metal, every bit as destructive as its source of inspiration.



Blacklisted – When People Grow, People Go – 14/8/18

Looking for hardcore that will make you feel better? Then you don’t want this album. Looking for something soaked in negativity and self-destructive urges, full of pain and hurt? Then Blacklisted have got you covered.


Undergang / Gorephilia – Split – 15/8/18

A track each from these two death metal bands, with Undergang being as heavy as ever, and Gorephilia following up last year’s Severed Monolith with an excellent track. Further evidence that death metal is currently in rude health.


Endless Grinning Skulls – Risus Sardonicus – 16/8/18

One of the best bands around in the UK underground right now, Risus Sardonicus sees Endless Grinning Skulls mix D-beat with anarchic, crude hardcore to great effect. This one isn’t pretty, but it’s so good.


Sectioned – Annihilated – 17/8/18

One of the most intense hardcore records of recent years, this is something like early Converge or Dillinger Escape Plan taking inspiration from beatdown hardcore and electronic music, and making something suitably damaged. Uncomfortable listening for sure.


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