Album of the Day Recap: 30/7/18 – 3/8/18


Album of the Day for the past week took on a distinctly death metal flavour as the week went on, but there’s still plenty of variety to be found, with as much emotional heaviness and there is musical. Enjoy!

Modern Life is War – Witness – 30/7/18

I don’t think anything this great band will do will top this album for me. ‘D.E.A.D R.A.M.O.N.E.S’ alone makes Witness a superb album.


Thou – Rhea Sylvia – 31/7/18

The third installment in their recent run of EPs, Rhea Sylvia is Thou at their best – crushing both musically and emotionally.


Contaminated – Final Man – 1/8/18

Every bit as filthy and fetid as the cover art suggests, this is the finest Finnish death metal, via way of Australia.


Acualli – Pact of Possession – 2/8/18

Disgusting blackened death from this Crepsulco Negro band, Pact of Possession is disturbing, relentless, and impossible to forget.


Deathgrave – So Real, It’s Now – 3/8/18

It’s on Tankcrimes, so you know it’s awesome. Death metal with punk spirit, this moves from short ragers to doom-tempo crawls without losing any momentum or character.


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