Album of the Day recap: 23/7/18 – 27/7/18


Another week, and another selection of five records to help get you through the day. Here is the recap of this week’s Albums of the Day:

Filth X Collins – Demo – 23/7/18

Noisy, grinding stop/start powerviolence from these Nottingham-based upstarts. Energetic, fun, and loud.


Cliterati – Self-titled – 24/7/18

Feminist punk rock bad-assery at its very best, it’s also worth noting that the band have a split with Violation Wound coming out soon. Awesome!


Foundation –  When The Smoke Clears – 25/7/18

There’s a solid argument to be made that this is the best hardcore album of the past ten years. As intelligent lyrically as it is musically hard-hitting, this is one of the best things Bridge 9 have been involved in releasing.


 We Came Out Like Tigers – Agelessness and Lack – 26/7/18

From members who would go on to form Dawn Ray’d comes this album of blackened screamo, that is every bit as passionate as you’d hope.


Neckbeard Deathcamp –  White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers – 27/7/18

A lot has been written about this, and it wouldn’t have received half the attention it has if not for the lyrics – but that’s a stupid statement, considering that the lyrics are pretty much the entire point of this album. If this record offends you, then good. Anti-fascism and war metal is a better fit than most people realise.


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