Review: Warfuck – This Was Supposed to be Fun

WARFUCK - This Was Supposed To Be Fun - Early Access - cover

Label: Lixiviat Records

Can we all agree that Warfuck is a pretty terrible name for a band? With that said, if you can get over the band name, then you’re in for a treat of high-tempo, furious grindcore, with This Was Supposed to be Fun unleashing 22 minutes of grind that races by in a blur of 1 minute songs and 2 minute-long epics. It might not be smart, or clever, but, situated somewhere between Nasum and Magrudergrind, it sure is a lot of fun. This is grind as a righteous expression of energy and rage, filled with riffs that last seconds yet still manage to be catchy, impassioned vocals, and drums that absolutely refuse to ever let the intensity drop.

Though it could hardly be described as sophisticated, This Was Supposed to be Fun never feels primitive or crude. Warfuck have been around a few years now, and their experience is on display throughout. Even the shortest tracks contain plenty of different riffs and shifts in tempo and emphasis, making this an album that’s surprisingly varied, and feels much longer than it actually is. The initial impression may be of an album that relies upon energy to keep moving forwards – and there’s no denying that its invigorating nature is a huge part of the album’s appeal – but the riffs and song structures ensure that This Was Supposed to be Fun holds longer-term appeal too.

And what riffs they are! Blending hyper-speed grinding violence with stoner-rock influenced sections, where melody comes to the fore; it’s in these moments that the Nasum influence really comes to the fore, with songs such as penultimate track ‘Facon Polza’ capturing that same sense of world-ending devastation that albums such as Helvete put across.

Whilst This Was Supposed to be Fun may not really bring anything new to the table that fans of hardcore-inspired grind haven’t heard before, it does so in ways that remind the listener of just how enjoyable the genre can be at heart. There are sections here that demand head-banging; that will inspire furious mosh pits; and that put across a restless spirit of protest and defiance, just as grind should. As such, the title ends up being slightly ironic; it’s supposed to be fun, and this album certainly is.

This Was Supposed to be Fun is available on vinyl from Lixiviat Records, and digitally via Bandcamp.


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