Album of the Day: Redacted – Alien Nation


Label: Blackened Death Records

One of the earliest releases put out by Blackened Death Records was Alien Nation by Redacted, consisting of Jon Stormbeard (also of Petrichor and Stormbeard) and The World Controller (aka Pope Richard, of about seventeen squillion bands). Though a touch crude compared to the music the two individuals would go on to record, Alien Nation still remains a killer slice of thrash. Taking lyrical influence from the likes of The X-Files,  conspiracy theories, and horror, it’s an album filled with a lot of fun, and lots of killer riffs.

Though it’s not the most original of albums, what Alien Nation has going for it is energy and enthusiasm, and it’s this that make the album such a great listen. It’s clear that the individuals involved were having a great time writing and recording these songs, letting their imaginations run wild with extraterrestrial conspiracies and tales of the other-worldly. ‘They Always Wear Black’ and ‘Skywatchers’, in particular, are high-energy, high-tempo blasts of Euro-thrash tinged with death metal, though every song on here is great, even if a few moments – such as the opening of ‘She’ll Never Find Out’ – could do with a touch more refinement. But there’s no doubting how fun Alien Nation is, and I do hope we’re not waiting much longer for a follow-up.

Alien Nation is available digitally and on CD via Bandcamp, and can be streamed on Spotify.


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