Album of the Day: Exhaustion – Demo


Label: COF Records

It’s a real shame that Exhaustion went no further than releasing a single demo. Said demo was a short blast of blackened hardcore fury, moving with relentless fury and viciousness. A relatively brief affair – over and done within 12 minutes – it still contained more than enough power and quality to show that the band were capable of much bigger things over an extended period. Alas, it seems that is not to be, as the band have seemingly not so much split up, but drifted away.

Right from the opening burst of ‘Ennui’, it’s clear that Exhaustion weren’t going to fuck around. Mixing dirty D-beat riffs and rhythms with tremolo-picked, razor-sharp leads, this was blackened hardcore as it should be; absolutely no messing around, no pretension, just riffs and punishment. It wasn’t the most innovative of demos (though the slow-burning intro to final track ‘Perfection Misunderstands the End’ provided a welcome change of pace), but it was played with the kind of talent and passion that suggested that Exhaustion could have gone on to much bigger things. Alas, it was not to be; but this demo is still worth spending time with, to hear what could have been.

Demo can be downloaded via Bandcamp.


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