Album of the Day: Spiral Skies – Blues For A Dying Planet


Label: AOP Records

Blues for a Dying Planet is an album for those who like their metal to remember where it came from. The debut album from Spiral Skies is rooted in the sounds of yesterday, but manages to take its classic influences – with early metal being a prime part of that, but also folk and blues featuring prominently – and create occult rock that sounds exciting, invigorating these old sounds with new lifesblood. It’s a hugely enjoyable record, packed full of catchy hooks, strong melodies, and incredibly charismatic vocals.

The vocals of frontwoman Frida really do have to be emphasised – they’re so full of soul and power that they naturally come to the fore, and are one of the strongest points of Blues for a Dying Planet. The band behind here are no slouches, though – they veer between proto-doom heaviness and classic rock catchiness with moves that are as subtle as they are effective. Blues for a Dying Planet is an album that, with the right kind of push, could see the band considered among the best of the occult rock/retro-doom scene, as this is great.

Blues for a Dying Planet is available on CD and vinyl via AOP Records webstore, and on CD, vinyl, and digital via Bandcamp.


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