Album of the Day: Todos Caeran – Town of Cats


Label: Dog Knights Productions

Dog Knights Productions have some vastly under-rated records within their history of releases, and Town of Cats can be counted among that number. The final album from Todos Caeran (before “running out of Funeral Diner songs to rip-off”) is a passionate ride of emo that is undeniably reminiscent of Funeral Diner and 90’s Ebullition bands, but is played with such talent and sincerity that any complaints regarding lack of originality are render moot. Town of Cats is like some last relic from the 90’s – albeit with a decent production, and full of references to Haruki Murakami books.

Quite why this was never a big deal in underground emo circles is something of a mystery. Maybe because, to really shine, Town of Cats requires time and patience, the listener engaging in active listening rather than something more passive; sure, it’s good enough as background music, but when focused upon, Town of Cats becomes something very special. The songs are relatively long, but never drag; and there is something cold and haunting about much of the album, especially in its most spacious sections. It should have been huge (well, as much as underground emo can be), but instead, Town of Cats feels like a classic that pretty much everyone slept on.

Town of Cats is available on vinyl from Dog Knights Productions, and digitally on Bandcamp.


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