Album of the Day: Lindow Moss – 1st


Label: Self-released

The appropriately titled 1st by Nottingham newcomers Lindow Moss is one of the best demos I have heard this year. Filled with raw, primal violence and fuck-you attitude, its black metalpunk draws from the same pit of darkness as the likes of Bone Awl and Sump. It is nasty, riff-filled, and utterly lacking in grace – yet, my god, what an onslaught it is. With a bleeding red-red production and atmosphere that suggests everything could collapse at any given moment, this is the spirit of the underground in musical form, full of spit and bile, hideously ugly yet all but impossible to resist.

1st absolutely races by, its 14 minute duration seeming to pass in a flash. Most of the songs are short, energetic blasts – only opener ‘A Quick Knife to the Gizzard’ is longer than three minutes, most of which is down to its introductory section – driven forward by gruesome riffs, caveman drumming, and vocals so full of echo and reverb they’re barely human anymore. It’s hard to convey just how crude and primitive 1st sounds, and how incredible the overall effect this. This is one of the best things to be released thus far this year, and I hope the title proves prophetic, being followed by 2nd, 3rd, and so on. Lindow Moss are bloody great, and this is killer.

1st can be downloaded via Bandcamp.


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