Album of the Day: War on Women – Capture the Flag


Label: Bridge9 Records

The self-titled album from War on Women was one of the best punk/hardcore albums of the best… well, in a really fucking long time. Funny and furious in equal measure, its contained feminist anthems of protest and self-empowerment. New album Capture the Flag had a lot to live up to, and more than delivered. As stated in my review at PureGrainAudio, the album is tighter, stronger, more focused – all the things you’d hope for from a follow-up. It is also a modern classic, and one of the most inspiring albums since… well, since the last War on Women album.

Sitting somewhere between 90’s Riot Grrrl and melodic hardcore, Capture the Flag takes these inspirations and makes them feel fresh and new again. A lot of this is simply down to the passion and belief of the band – they sound fired-up, with the more personal songs hitting just as hard as the political ones (though, of course, the personal is very much political here). But it should also be noted that the song-writing is masterful, with some unexpected twists such as the almost Yaphet Kotto-style movements to penultimate track ‘YDTMHTL’ (not to mention a guest spot from Kathleen Hannah). Capture the Flag is a modern classic, and War on Women are one of the best bands of our time.

Capture the Flag is available via Bandcamp, and the Bridge9 store.


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