Review: Corpsehammer – Pervsión


Label: Morbid Skull Records

The third EP from Corpsehammer sounds like it could have been unearthed from some decaying tomb, buried in a nuclear wasteland at some point in the 80’s and only recently discovered. Perversión is a celebration of the days when black and death metal were one and the same, with more than a hint of old-school South American madness to it. This is extreme metal for those who like their music to be utterly uncompromising in its blasphemous ways, drenched in bloodsoaked riffs and possessed of demonic spirit.

Containing four tracks (three songs and an outro), and clocking in at ten minutes, Perversión doesn’t waste any time. The three songs are filled with the kind of riffs and merciless drumming that practically demands headbanging and raised fists, full of thrash energy and first wave black metal blasphemy. The vocals in particular really bring the depravity of Corpsehammer to the fore – no so much concerned with actual lyrics as they are invoking an atmosphere of clandestine summonings and Satanic Rites. Unhinged and commanding in equal measure, they are the most powerful aspect of the EP, and what help it rise above the competition.

Despite being quite short, it’s hard not to be impressed by Perversión. The riffs are all extremely strong, the drumming contains small flourishes to keep it interesting, and the vocals are superb. It’s the kind of record that’s easy to leave on for multiple spins at a time, losing hours to its vicious riffs and pummeling drums, all for the worship of blasphemous extreme metal. It will be interesting to see if the band can maintain these standards over a full album – but based on Perversión and their previous EPs, there should be no worries on that front. This is killer.

Perversión is available on cassette from Morbid Skull Records, and on cassette and digital via Bandcamp.


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