Album of the Day: Terror – Lowest of the Low


Label: Bridge9 Records

There’s some records that, when you’re in a bad, pissed off mood, you know you can turn to, because you know they sound exactly how you feel. Terror’s debut record, Lowest of the Low, is one of those records for me. Their demo was released just as I was getting into hardcore, and the release of this record was a big deal for me. It’s testament to the quality of the record that, even now, songs like the title track and ‘Better Off Without You’ are what come in to my head when I’m in an angry mood, and want some quality hardcore to blast.

The whole of Lowest of the Low is an exercise in anger – at yourself, at others, at the world around you. But it’s never overly negative; it’s hardcore about facing your problems head-on, and dealing with them; whether that be facing your failures as a person, cutting toxic people out of your life, or making society a less shitty thing. It’s a record that seems to race by, demolishing everything in its way, and there’s simply no arguing with hardcore of this quality and passion. Lowest of the Low cannot be fucked with, and this record has truly stood the test of time.

Lowest of the Low is available on vinyl via the Bridge9 store, and can be streamed on Bandcamp.

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