Album of the Day: Pillärs – Abandoned

CD Cover

Label: Self-released / Tape Haus

The key with good crust (and all its related styles) is conviction. It’s not a genre that’s high on innovation, so coming across as if you actually care about what you’re playing and shouting about matters immensely. Crust/sludge trio Pillärs absolutely nail that point, with Abandoned coming across like the best parts of His Hero Is Gone and The Melvins, all laced through with a real sense of urgency and passion. This is music that won’t take the injustices of the world lying down.

The first half of the album is more direct, featuring shorter songs that recall “modern” crust like Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone quite clearly, albeit with some more rock’n’roll elements and movements that bring the likes of Doomriders to mind. The second half of the album is where things get more interesting, as Pillärs explore longer songs, with crushing yet spacious movements that recall Neurosis sitting next to riotous crust/sludge riffs. The album is very much at its best when Zach and Beth sing in unison, their contrasting style combining to superb emotional effect, though Abandoned is never less than thrilling throughout.

Abandoned is available on digital, cassette and CD via Bandcamp; and on cassette via Tape Haus.


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