Album of the Day: Bacchae – Bacchae (self-titled)

Bacchae - Bacchae - cover

Label: Get Better Records

Sometimes, you hear a record and it’s clear that the band playing are having a total blast. Such is the case with the self-titled EP from Bacchae, with its summery post-punk and Riot Grrrl vibes. As enjoyable as the EP is on a surface level though, it’s the intelligence on display and catharsis offered that makes it truly notable – the five songs on the EP are the result of a life lived, with all the hurt and joy that such a statement implies. It’s a brilliant release, and one that I can’t get enough of.

At a concise 13 minutes, Bacchae doesn’t waste any time. Opener ‘Dig’ is propelled forward by a really gnarly bass riff, whilst ‘Prick’ is  two minutes of barely surpressed rage in support of a friend (“I’ll kill him/He hurted you” being the central refrain of the song). The eneregetic ‘Burn’ really brings the summer vibes to the fore, and ‘Pressure’ brings classic pop to the fore, with some delightful rock’n’roll organ. Closer ‘Read’ is my pick of the tracks though, brutally eviscerating the arrogance and expectations so many older men seem to have towards women and the sense of male entitlment, doing so with a real economy of words that is marvelous (“Guys like you like Charles Bukowski/Yearning for a mispent youth”). It’s a brilliant ending to a brilliant EP, that is catchy, tough, and is more than worth your attention.

Bacchae is available digitally and on cassette via Bandcamp.


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