Album of the Day: The Cure – Disintegration


Label: Fiction Records

It’s slightly astounding to think that an album like Disintegration became a huge commercial success. The eighth album by The Cure is a huge, dark record, where pop hits sit comfortably with extended gothic, post-punk monoliths. It’s an album that has lost none of its power since release, and is still one of the high points for a band that has had hosts of them. Robert Smith has stated that the album was an intentional attempt to create something lasting and more meaningful following significant pop success, and Disintegration certainly achieved that.

For such a commercially successful album, it’s notable that Disintegration does not begin in welcoming form. Opener ‘Plainsong’ is a huge, sprawling affair, that slowly evolves – powerful, but far from immediate. That said, songs like ‘Lovesong’ and ‘Fascination Street’ are some of the most popular the band have recorded, with an instant impact that demonstrates that, even if The Cure were crafting something dark, they hadn’t completely left pop music behind. It’s this mix, and the consistent atmosphere, that makes Disintegration an album with such lasting power, and is still arguably the best album The Cure have done to date.

Disintegration is available from pretty much any record store you care to visit, and can be streamed on Spotiy.


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