Album of the Day: In Solitude – Sister


Label: Metal Blade Records

It’s hard not to feel that In Solitude should have been way bigger than they were. From their early heavy metal records, the Swedish band recorded something incredibly special with final album Sister, released in 2013; an album that blended gothic post-punk darkness with heavy metal heroics to superb effect. Sister is an album filled with excellent song-writing, catchy, melodic, and heavy in equal measure, that absolutely begged to be stadium-filling. Such a fate was not to be, however, with the band splitting up in 2015. They left behind a superb swansong though, and one that I still return to regularly.

Given that it was one of the first records I reviewed for TSNTW, Sister would naturally occupy a special place in my heart; but even leaving this aside, it is an album for the ages. There is something timeless about its sound, simultaneously rooted in 80s heavy metal and post-punk, yet also sounding forward-thinking and adventurous. It shouldn’t take long to convince any newcomers of its power – just listen to first track proper ‘Death Knows Where’, and try not to be singing along to the chorus by the time it’s done. It’s the kind of song that sounds as at home in small basement shows as it would on the radio, and though members have since been involved in other excellent bands – notably, drummer Uno Bruniusson went on to play in Grave Pleasures – it’s hard not to feel that Sister may stand as their high-point.

Sister is available digitally via Bandcamp, and on CD and vinyl from Metal Blade. It can also be streamed on Spotify.


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