Album of the Day: Dool – Here Now, There Then


Label: Prophecy Productions

The nature of underground music is such that it is impossible to keep up with everything that’s released – there’s too much good music out there. Even so, I feel slightly ashamed to have only recently listened to Dool and their album Here Now, There Then. Including former members of The Devil’s Blood, this is an album of emotionally charged hard rock not far removed from that band, mixing the darker side of classic rock with pop-infused melodies. It’s an incredible album, and one that could see the band rise to the top.

Not that Dool are aiming for mainstream popularity – you don’t write songs as long, complex, and dark as these if your aim is to fill arenas. That songs such as ‘Golden Serpents’ can combine such darkness with strong melodies and classic rock and pop sensibilities is testament to the powers of this band – concepts such as genre are something they seem to toy with throughout the course of the album, going in whichever direction they fancy without ever losing a sense of purpose and direction. Here Now, There Then is a superb album, and though I’m regretful that I didn’t discover it until fairly recently, I’m glad I did – especially having seen the band deliver such a blistering performance at North of the Wall.

Here Now, There Then is available digitally via Bandcamp, on CD, vinyl, and digitally via Prophecy Productions, and can be streamed on Spotify.


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