Album of the Day: Weakling – Dead as Dreams


Label: tUMULt

Let’s be real: Dead as Dreams, the sole album from Weakling, isn’t just album of the day. It’s one of the best black metal records ever made, and one of the most influential, whether people are aware of it or not. This is a record whose dark, questing tendrils have infested USBM thoroughly, to the extent that I think it’s no exaggeration to talk about their influence in the same way we might talk about Mayhem or Emperor or any of the other “big” black metal bands you care to name. I’ve written about the album before, but god-damn, this album is worth going back to again and again and again.

Not that it’s a perfect album. Listened to in the wrong headspace, its extended sections feel repetitive, and its overwhelming nature suffocates any texture or atmosphere. But when it grasps you in just the right way? There is nothing like it – and there certainly wasn’t at the time it was released, in 2000. This is one of the most twisted, beautiful, captivating, repellent, and absolutely fucking wrong albums to have ever existed within black metal, with moments of utter perfection – in particular, the movement that begins at the 10 minute mark of ‘This Entire Fucking Battlefield’ renders everything else obsolete. Dead as Dreams remains a highpoint not just for USBM, but black metal in general, and is one of the greatest albums you could ever wish to hear.

Dead as Dreams is out of print, so your best bet to get a copy is Discogs.


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