Album of the Day: Coffin Rot – Demo


Label: Rotted Life

Malignant Records have, for a few years now, been one of the leading names in dark ambient, drone, and death industrial; so, it’s exciting to see them branching out in to death metal with new label Rotted Life. Their first offering on the label is the self-titled demo from Coffin Rot, a dirty, filth-encrusted four song onslaught of pure old-school filth. If you’re in to death metal that sounds like a horde of zombies eating the world alive, heavy with the stench of decay and rot, then you’ll want to be all over this like… well, like zombies over guts.

Whilst there’s nothing especially new about Coffin Rot’s style of death metal – this brand of death metal, as defined by the likes of Autopsy and early Cannibal Corpse, has been around since the genre first came in to being – there is still something exciting about hearing it played this well. Coffin Rot revel in death metal’s grotesque nature, with songs like ‘Saw Blade Suicide’ and ‘Forced Self-Consumption’ full of dark, grissly humour – the later in particular is a bulldozer of old-school death metal, that takes no prisoners with its raw, filth-filled onslaught. As far as demos go, this does exactly what it should – it’s a satisfying listen on its own, and has me really excited to hear what Coffin Rot come up with next.

Demo is available digitally and on cassette via Bandcamp.


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