Album of the Day: The Assistant – We’ll Make The Roads By Walking


Label: Nova Recordings / Alone Records

As time fades, labels close, and technology moves on, it’s inevitable that some records will be lost to the sands of time. Such a fate seems to have been suffered by We’ll Make The Roads by Walking, and indeed by The Assistant, whose noisy, emotional hardcore would probably find a bigger audience today than it did upon release. Were it released today, a PR campaign might describe it as combining The Dillinger Escape Plan style technicality with an emotional, cathartic edge that can be found in Holy Roar Records’ recent outcome from Rolo Tomassi and Employed To Serve, all wrapped up in long, progressive song-writing. But alas, The Assistant are no more, but they did leave behind some killer songs.

More than that, The Assistant offered up genuinely heart-felt, positive vibes. As tough and heavy as the music often is, it’s complimented by lines and sentiments like “I will try to wake up with a smile on my face” (from opener ‘Be Nice to Me, I Had a Ruff Day’). This is an album and band who believed in music as a force for good, whether that be on a personal or wider, more social level. It can be a lot to take in – the album is almost unceasingly restless even by the standards of technical hardcore – but once you get a handle on it, We’ll Make The Roads… has a lot to offer.

We’ll Make The Roads By Walking is available digitally via itunes



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