Album of the Day: Grave Pleasures – Motherblood

Grave Pleasures - Motherblood

Label: Century Media Records

It’s a little over six months since Grave Pleasures unleashed Motherblood on the world, and in that time my love for the album has only grown. No record in recent times has combined pop hooks and melodies to dark, post-punk energy with such wonderful effect. Everything about the album (save the brooding ‘Atomic Christ’) feels streamlined, these songs honed down to within an inch of their live in a quest for perfection – and it’s a quest that Grave Pleasures pretty much succeed in. Few albums are so darkly cathartic and apocalyptically  blissful, embracing the surety of death to have us dancing to the grave.

If previous album Dreamcrash maybe had people worrying that the highs of Beastmilk were not to be repeated in Grave Pleasures’ new form, Motherblood makes any such concerns look laughable. Almost every song on here is a highlight, with vocalist “Kvohst” McNerney at his most charismatic – a sterling achievement for an already excellent singer. And on a personal note, one of the highlights of last year was seeing the band close the Damnation festival in Leeds, dancing and singing myself to exhaustion after a day of unrelenting heaviness. Beastmilk are one of the best bands currently out there – but you already knew that, right?

Motherblood can be purchased and streamed by following this link.


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