Album of the Day: Thronetorcher – Eden’s Poison


Label: BDHW Records

Thronetorcher do not fuck around. The five-piece unleash utter devastation with their beatdown hardcore on debut EP Eden’s Poison, that’s made even more vicious than the norm through the addition of more metallic elements than is the norm, giving the EP a sound that doesn’t stray too far from the beatdown template, but still manages to do enough to distinguish itself. If you’re looking for something angry and heavy, then this has got you covered.

One of the better aspects of Eden’s Poison, that might be overlooked during all the breakdowns, punishing riffs, and crushing drumming, is that there’s an intelligence to the lyrics that can often be missing from this style of hardcore. Themes of anti-authoritarianism, social collapse, and mental health may not be new to hardcore, but they’re expressed here with a sincerity and intelligence that helps Thronetorcher stand out from the crowd. But the chief appeal, as it should be for this genre, is in the strength and muscularity of the music itself – of which there is plenty. This EP will kick your ass, and you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

Eden’s Poison is due for release on 25 May 2018, and can be pre-ordered via BDHW.


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