Album of the Day: Deus Vermin – MMXVII (Demo)

Deus Vermin - MMXVII (demo) - cover

Label: Self-released

Clocking in at a short six minutes, the debut demo by Leeds-based band Deus Vermin is a whirlwind of blackened death metal, full of destructive urges given license to run free and wreak havoc. The two tracks on MMXVII are incredibly well-realised for a demo, with a compositional strength that many bands writing full-lengths would kill for; and they’re all wrapped up in an atmosphere that is both murky and strong, allowing every bone-crushing drum hit and skin-shredding guitar line to come through clearly, whilst keeping enough obscured to still feel dark and ominous. It’s a very impressive start for this band, and well worth your time.

Following from the opening drum hits, first track ‘Disadain’ launches straight into a full-blooded assault that demonstrates exactly what Deus Vermin are all about; riffs and leads that go right for the throat, drums that rampage like a marauding army, and vocals torn from ruined throats. What’s remarkable is that, through all the carnage, there’s just enough melody here to keep the listener’s attention held; it’s not metal that has to rely on sheer volume and force to impress (though it succeeds on those fronts too). Fans of the likes of Grave Miasma will want to get on this, as this is one of the most impressive demos to arise from the UK underground in recent times.

MMXVII (Demo) can be downloaded from Bandcamp.


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